Tomasz Bielinski

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The compounds /3-d-pantoylaminoethanethiol (PAET) and the corresponding disulfide had been prepared by Barnett (1) in an attempt to find substances similar in structure to pantoyltaurine but more favorable in their inhibitory action on pantothenic acid-requiring microorganisms. Barnett showed that, although the compounds did inhibit the growth of(More)
Radiometric calibration of satellite imagery requires coupling of atmospheric and topographic parameters, which constitutes serious computational problems in particular in complex geographical terrain. Successful application of topographic normalization algorithms for calibration purposes requires integration of several types of high-resolution geographic(More)
In this paper, a volunteer grid called Comcute is studied. Moreover, the harmony search scheduler is proposed. This scheduler has been designed for efficient using some resources of volunteer grid. The harmony search scheduler optimizes both a workload of a bottleneck computer and the cost of grid. Finally, some experiment outcomes have been discussed.(More)
The paper presents a novel design of a web-based Safe City & Coastal Zone GIS (SCCZ-GIS) which integrates data acquired from different remote sensing and geospatial data sources for monitoring the security of the coastal zone, its inhabitants and Critical Infrastructure. The system utilizes several innovative technologies and directly co-operates with(More)
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