Tomasz Bartczak

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This paper proposes an offline algorithm for incrementally constructing and training radial basis function (RBF) networks. In each iteration of the error correction (ErrCor) algorithm, one RBF unit is added to fit and then eliminate the highest peak (or lowest valley) in the error surface. This process is repeated until a desired error level is reached.(More)
In this paper the algorithms which could improve transmission band for computer network has been shown. The analysis of file size distribution has shown that the typical website has more than 40% of files with sizes smaller than 1kB. Additionally, these small files are more frequently used because 80% of all references by client browser to website resources(More)
This paper presents the performance evaluation of two Source Specific Multicast (SSM) protocols for IP networks: Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) SSM and Lightweight PIM (LPIM). PIM SSM provides reliable, low latency IP Multicast transport services, but at the cost of high overhead in the signalling plane. The main design objective of LPIM is to improve(More)
The rapid growth of band requirements for data transmission in computer networks is commonly known. The grown of the network infrastructure in many countries is much slower than expectations. Therefore in the paper some introductory research towards the effective and inexpensive algorithmic ways for improvement of efficiency of data transmission in all(More)
The article analyzes and explores the performance of multicast heuristic algorithms and quality of multicast trees in ad-hoc networks. It also provides a detailed analysis and a description of the implementation of methods for the topology generation in ad-hoc networks with the application of topology control protocols. Network topology planning and(More)
The increase in the popularity of multimedia streaming services is followed by a rapid increase in network traffic. This phenomenon is a serious challenge for network services providers. Multicast technology seems to be a promising technology for multimedia services. Contrary to unicast, it uses a single data stream, thus leading to a substantial reduction(More)
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