Tomas Winkler

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The possibility that spinal cord pathology following trauma can be assessed with early changes in the spinal cord evoked potentials (SCEPs) was examined in a rat model. Spinal cord injury (SCI) was produced in Equithesin-anesthetized (3 ml/kg, i.p.) rats through a longitudinal incision into the right dorsal horn at the T10-11 segments. The SCEPs were(More)
We built a system that allows musical performers (and listeners) who wish to play together to organize into multiple session groups. The users interact in real time over the network, and may dynamically join or leave a session group. The players contribute to the session by playing on their MIDI controllers, using General MIDI protocol. We assume a totally(More)
PURPOSE Recovery is limited following traumatic brain injury (TBI) since injured axons regenerate poorly and replacement of lost cells is minimal. Behavioral improvements could instead be due to plasticity of uninjured brain regions. We hypothesized that plasticity of the uninjured hemisphere occurs contralateral to a focal TBI in the adult rat. Thus, we(More)
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