Tomas Wilhelmsson

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The associative memory function of the brain is an active area of experimental and theoretical research. This thesis describes the construction of a model of cor-tical auto-associative memory. Conceptually, it is based on Hebb's cell assembly hypothesis. The quantitative description comes from a class of artiicial neural networks, ANN, with recurrent(More)
The results presented in this paper are part of a research project to investigate the possibilities to apply massively parallel architectures for numerical weather forecasting. Within numerical weather forecasting several numerical techniques are used to solve the model equations. This paper compares the performance of implementations on a MasPar system of(More)
The HIROMB model of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea has been running operationally at SMHI since 1995 and delivers daily forecasts of currents, temperature, salinity, water level, and ice conditions. We have parallelized and ported HIROMB from vector computers to distributed memory parallel computers like CRAY T3E and SGI Origin 3800. The parallelization(More)
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