Tomas Wilhelmsson

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The Swedish Meterological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) makes daily forecasts of temperature, salinity, water level, and ice conditions in the Baltic Sea. These forecasts are based on data from a High Resolution Operational Model for the Baltic (HIROMB). This application has been parallelized and ported from a CRAY C90 to a CRAY T3E. Our parallelization(More)
Different implementations on a massively parallel computer system of a semi-Lagrangian method within the numerical weather forecast model HIRLAM are presented. In principle semi-Lagrangian methods on massively parallel architectures result in irregular communications, i.e., communications between arbitrary processors. It is shown that the fastest(More)
The HIROMB model of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea has been running operationally at SMHI since 1995 and delivers daily forecasts of currents, temperature, salinity, water level, and ice conditions. We have parallelized and ported HIROMB from vector computers to distributed memory parallel computers like CRAY T3E and SGI Origin 3800. The parallelization(More)
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