Tomas Toftgard

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This paper describes a novel audio coding algorithm that is a building block in the recently standardized 3GPP EVS codec [1]. The presented scheme operates in the Modified Discrete Cosine Transform (MDCT) domain and deploys a Split-PVQ pulse coding quantizer, a noise-fill, and a gain control optimized for the quantizer's properties. A complexity analysis in(More)
Audio coding of harmonic signals is a challenging task for conventional MDCT coding schemes. In this paper we introduce a novel algorithm for improved transform coding of harmonic audio. The algorithm does not deploy the conventional scheme of splitting the input signal into a spectrum envelope and a residual, but models the spectral peak regions. The(More)
A Discontinuous transmission (DTX) system, which is widely adopted in speech codecs, is an important function for speech communication systems that can reduce the transmission bandwidth by at least a half. Within a DTX system, the comfort noise generation (CNG) plays a key role in the overall quality. Critical performance parameters with respect to the CNG(More)
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