Tomas Svensson

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General-purpose computing on graphics processing units (GPGPU) is shown to dramatically increase the speed of Monte Carlo simulations of photon migration. In a standard simulation of time-resolved photon migration in a semi-infinite geometry, the proposed methodology executed on a low-cost graphics processing unit (GPU) is a factor 1000 faster than(More)
We propose a comprehensive protocol for the performance assessment of photon migration instruments. The protocol has been developed within the European Thematic Network MEDPHOT (optical methods for medical diagnosis and monitoring of diseases) and is based on five criteria: accuracy, linearity, noise, stability, and reproducibility. This protocol was(More)
By use of time-resolved spectroscopy it is possible to separate light scattering effects from chemical absorption effects in samples. In the study of propagation of short light pulses in turbid samples the reduced scattering coefficient and the absorption coefficient are usually obtained by fitting diffusion or Monte Carlo models to the measured data by use(More)
We investigate how light samples disordered porous materials such as ceramics and pharmaceutical materials. By combining photon time-of-flight spectroscopy and sensitive laser-based gas sensing, we obtain information on the extent to which light interacts with solid and pore volumes, respectively. Comparison with mercury intrusion porosimetry shows that(More)
The purpose of this thesis is to extend an existing autopilot with automatic takeoff and landing algorithms for small fixed wing unmanned aircrafts. The work has been done from a systems engineering perspective and as for solution candidates this thesis has a bias towards solutions utilizing fuzzy logic. The coveted promises of fuzzy logic was primarily the(More)
The conclusions and recommendations expressed are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect VTI's opinion as an authority. Summary The design of the transport system in urban centres should be based on a balance between different modes of transport that is in line with the inhabitants' opinions. But there is no functioning market where this balance can be(More)
By analyzing spatio-temporal characteristics of short optical pulses diffusively transmitted through compacted granular materials, we reveal that powder compaction can give rise to strongly anisotropic light diffusion. Our disclosure represents a revision of the understanding of optics of powder compacts. Routes to material characterization and(More)
A Design-Build-Test (DBT) project course in electronics is presented. The course was developed during the first years of the CDIO Initiative, and it has been given successfully for almost ten years within two engineering programs at Linköping University. More than 2000 students have passed the course, and it is considered to be one of the most popular and(More)