Tomas Skersys

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The OMG SBVR standard is the most mature abstract representation for Business semantics; however, the complexity of SBVR metamodel prevents its broad and rapid usage in business communities. There are a few SBVR implementations yet, but the popularity of SBVR is growing as different interest-groups are finding the variety of ways for applying the SBVR(More)
The paper deals with Knowledge-based Information Systems (IS) engineering. The Enterprise management functions, processes and their interactions are considered as the major components of the domain knowledge. This is the peculiarity of this approach to Enterprise modelling for IS engineering. The resulting framework for Enterprise modelling and(More)
On the basis of the drawbacks of the current recommender systems additional functionality to the social network, namely, recommender system with management possibility is proposed. In order to implement such functionality to the social network, the following elements of a new method are presented in this paper: a metamodel of the recommendation; an(More)
Despite the fact that business process (BP) modeling has its long-lasting traditions in various areas of application, this discipline remains in the constant process of improvement and issue-solving. The possibilities of synergy among business process models and business vocabularies and rules are analyzed in this paper. We emphasize the existing gap(More)
Approaches for the analysis and specification of business vocabularies and rules are relevant topics in both Business Process Management and Information Systems Development disciplines. However, in common practice of Information Systems Development, the Business modeling activities still are of mostly empiric nature. In this paper, aspects of the approach(More)