Tomas Schweigert

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SQS Group is a company with approximately 1400 employees and the leading company for providing testing and quality management services since 1982. To ensure the quality of work, it was necessary to deal with process models. Based on decades of project experience, as well as using the knowledge from SPI-services a specific test process assessment model was(More)
Software process improvement (SPI) can be seen as a profession, having its own competence needs and its own community of interest. European projects EQN and EU Cert have defined skills sets and a common certification scheme for about 20 professions, mainly in IT domain. A common way to describe IT domain from process perspective is concept ‘3S’ (software,(More)
Weeds were monitored during April 1996 along a 36 m×36 m grid within a 21 ha winter wheat field to detected whether black bindweed (Fallopia convolvulus L.), cleavers (Galium aparine L.), which are important weeds in cereals, and total weed densities reached economical thresholds for control. The geostatistical method of block kriging with indicator values(More)