Tomas Prosek

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Flowered coatings composed by ZnO crystals were successfully electrodeposited on Zn-Mg alloys. The distinct coatings morphologies were found to be dependent upon the solid interfaces distribution, with the smaller number of bigger flowers (ø 46μm) obtained on Zn-Mg alloy containing 1wt.% Mg (Zn-1Mg) contrasting with the higher number of smaller flowers (ø(More)
fication Corrosion monitoring by resistivity measurement was used to assess the environmental conditions in cultural heritage institutions, with the aim to provide advice on the preservation conditions in museums, showcases or storage areas. Changes in corrosion depth of thin copper sensors were followed during a year. The results of studies in 13 museums,(More)
In situ time-lapse optical microscopy was used to examine the microstructural corrosion mechanisms in three zinc-magnesium-aluminium (ZMA) alloy coated steels immersed in 1% NaCl pH 7. Preferential corrosion of MgZn(2) lamellae within the eutectic phases was observed in all the ZMA alloys followed by subsequent dissolution of Zn rich phases. The total(More)
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