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This paper presents an overview of the Visual Privacy Task (VPT) of MediaEval 2014, its objectives, related dataset, and evaluation approaches. Participants in this task were required to implement a privacy filter or a combination of filters to protect various personal information regions in video sequences as provided. The challenge was to achieve an(More)
The association of geographical tags to multimedia resources enables browsing and searching online multimedia repositories using geographical criteria, but millions of already online but non geo-tagged videos and images remain invisible to the eyes of this type of systems. This situation calls for the development of automatic geo-tagging techniques capable(More)
In this contribution, the so-called "k-space content management and retrieval system " is presented. This multimodal framework is being developed within the K-Space project. K-Space is a network of leading European research teams from academia and industry conducting integrative research and dissemination activities in semantic inference for automatic and(More)
This paper describes the video summarization system developed by the partners of the K-Space European Network of Excellence for the TRECVID 2008 BBC rushes summarization evaluation. We propose an original method based on individual content segmentation and selection tools in a collaborative system. Our system is organized in several steps. First, we segment(More)
Content-based image retrieval can be dramatically improved by providing a good initial clustering of visual data. The problem of image clustering is that most current algorithms are not able to identify individual clusters that exist in different feature subspaces. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for subspace clustering based on Ant Colony(More)