Tomas Peterek

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In this paper, capabilities of the Random Forest algorithm are tested with application to the Parkinson's disease progression that can be determined from speech. Results are compared with the linear regression model and the Classification and Regression Tree method. Mean Squared Error and Mean Absolute Error values were calculated and compared for each of(More)
Human physical activity monitoring is a relatively new problem drawing much attention over the last years due to its wide application in medicine, homecare systems, prisoner monitoring etc. This paper presents Orthogonal Matching Pursuit based classifier as a method for activity recognition and proposes a modification to the classifier that significantly(More)
The cardiotocography (CTG) is a diagnostic method which is widely used in prenatal care. The CTG is indicated since 27 weeks of pregnancy and it measures heart activity, uterine contraction and fetal movement. Results of the CTG allow recognizing of three basic different fetal states (physiological, suspect and pathological) and an obstetrician can(More)
Photopletysmography (PPG) is a non-invasive, and easy to diagnostic method. It is used in many branches of medicine such as industrial medicine, intensive care, angiology or rheumatology. This examination makes it possible to assess the peripheral blood circulation in the vessel bed. It can be helpful in qualitative evaluation of the blood system.[3](More)
This paper describes signal preprocessing of photoplethysmograph record on hardware platform. The constructed device includes basic signal measurement, low-pass and high-pass filtration. The filters are realized by second order Butterworth filters and they are describes by transfer functions. All measurement contains frequency analysis for verification of(More)
The steady state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) is one of the most discussed method for the brain computer interface (BCI). In this paper, performance of the online SSVEP detection methods was compared. Two parametric and two non-parametric algorithms were used: the classical power spectrum estimation method (PS), the power spectrum estimation using the AR(More)
The Orthostatic challenge (OSCH) is the most useful test for the determination of a human's autonomic dysregulation. It is used in many branches of medicine, for example in Neurology, Cardiology and Diabetology. The main aim of this paper is to describe the changes of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) during the orthostatic challenge. These changes are(More)
The main goal of this work is to describe possibilities of the Singular Value Decomposition in the task of arrhythmia recognition. Many approaches try to recognize pathological beats in the time domain, our approach transforms an ECG signal from time to frequency domain, where it is reduced by Singular Value Decomposition. The new feature subspace was(More)