Tomas Nykodym

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—We introduce PyTrigger, a dynamic malware analysis system that automatically exercises a malware binary extracting its behavioral profile even when specific user activity or input is required. To accomplish this, we developed a novel user activity record and playback framework and a new behavior extraction approach. Unlike existing research, the activity(More)
—Behavior based intrusion detection technologies are increasingly popular. Traditionally behavior patterns are expressed as specific signatures defined in the system call domain. This approach has various drawbacks and is vulnerable to possible obfuscations. The IDS approach discussed herein addresses process behavior in terms of functionalities, i.e.(More)
–The Network Testbed at Binghamton University was designed to facilitate security research in the area of advanced IDS. It offers a secure, controlled environment for experimental analysis of the efficiency of various intrusion detection/mitigation and computer forensics systems. It allows for staging large scale experiments with real self-propagating(More)
Random set theory together with Dempster-Shafer theory of belief functions provide a convenient way how to model uncertain information and how to project it through a function. This paper consists of two parts. In the first part I investigate few known algorithms for retrieving mass assignments from the coherent lower and upper probabilities, so that they(More)
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