Tomas M Menovsky

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BACKGROUND Non-pulsatile tinnitus is considered a subjective auditory phantom phenomenon present in 10 to 15% of the population. Tinnitus as a phantom phenomenon is related to hyperactivity and reorganization of the auditory cortex. Magnetoencephalography studies demonstrate a correlation between gamma band activity in the contralateral auditory cortex and(More)
OBJECT This study was undertaken to evaluate CO2 laser-assisted nerve repair and compare it with nerve repair performed with fibrin glue or absorbable sutures. METHODS In eight rats, the sciatic nerve was sharply transected and approximated using two 10-0 absorbable sutures and then fused by means of CO2 milliwatt laser welding (power 100 mW, exposure(More)
INTRODUCTION Some forms of tinnitus are considered to be auditory phantom phenomena related to reorganization and hyperactivity of the auditory central nervous system. Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) is a non-invasive tool capable of modulating human brain activity, using single pulse or burst stimuli. Burst rTMS has only been performed(More)
In this state of the art paper, the clinical and diagnostic features of cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in childhood are outlined and special attention is paid to the treatment. Several options exists for the treatment of an AVM, consisting of surgery, endovascular embolization, stereotactic radiosurgery, or a combination of these treatments.
In this study, the penetration of red laser light (632.8 nm) in fresh bovine brain was measured parallel, oblique, and perpendicular to the axis of white matter tracts. The measurements were performed in eight samples with an isotropic light source and detector and were obtained by advancing the detector tip toward the light source in the tissue. A(More)
Tinnitus is considered an auditory phantom percept analogous to phantom pain. Thalamocortical dysrhythmia has been proposed as a possible pathophysiological mechanism for both tinnitus and pain. Thalamocortical dysrhythmia refers to a persistent pathological resting state theta-gamma coupling that is spatially localized at an area where normally alpha(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the technical feasibility of treating ruptured pericallosal artery aneurysms with detachable coils and to evaluate the anatomic and clinical results. METHODS Over a period of 27 months, 12 patients with a ruptured pericallosal artery aneurysm were treated with detachable coils. A retrospective review was performed to assess the(More)
INTRODUCTION Tinnitus is an auditory phantom percept related to tonic and burst hyperactivity of the auditory system. Two parallel pathways supply auditory information to the cerebral cortex: the tonotopically organised lemniscal system, and the non-tonotopic extralemniscal system, firing in tonic mode and burst mode respectively. Transcranial magnetic(More)
OBJECTIVE Spinal cord stimulation via epidurally implanted electrodes is a common treatment for medically intractable neuropathic pain of different origins. Because tonic electrical stimulation evokes paresthesias over the painful area, this method has never been proven scientifically to be superior to placebo. Recently, burst stimulation (in which closely(More)
OBJECTIVE AND IMPORTANCE Although aneurysms of the anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA) are rare lesions, their occurrence in combination with high-flow lesions in the same arterial territory is even more striking. Two cases of an AICA aneurysm in combination with a high -flow lesion are described. CLINICAL PRESENTATION In one case, a 52-year-old(More)