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The retinal ganglion axons are an important part of the visual system, which can be directly observed by fundus camera. The layer they form together inside the retina is the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL). This paper describes results of a texture RNFL analysis in color fundus photographs and compares these results with quantitative measurement of RNFL(More)
In the submitted paper the authors pay attention to infrared radiation close to visible light is intensely absorbed by haemoglobin, melanin and xanthophyll whereby part of the radiation energy is transformed into heat. The authors present three series of experiments where they investigated by different methods changes in the vitreous body after exposure to(More)
The topic of the article is to inform about the analysis of the nerve fiber layer in color digital images of the retina. The study group consists of 11 eyes (9 patients) with marked focal losses in the nerve fiber layer of the retina. The control group consists of 14 eyes (7 patients). The basic statistical parameters, which may distinguish the loss in the(More)
Giant-cell temporal arteritis is an urgent condition in ophthalmology as successful treatment depends on early diagnosis and effective therapy before the development of ophthalmological symptoms. The authors investigated on a long-term basis five patients. In the first one complete regression of general and ocular symptoms occurred and vision was preserved.(More)
The optic nerve disc of short-sighted children with elevated intraocular pressure was investigated to achieve early assessment of glaucoma and to detect signs which differentiate changes in the disc caused by short-sightedness from changes caused by glaucoma. The authors examined 16 eyes of 8 short-sighted children with elevated intraocular pressure. In(More)
Authors describe eye and general symptoms in five patients with the adenoma of the pituitary gland, detected on the results of the ophthalmological examination. Identical symptoms in all patients were the decrease of central visual acuity or visual field defects. The general somatic manifestations of the disease were different.
Gaussian filter has an important role in edge detection. In this paper, a new methodology for edge detection using Gaussian second order derivative filters is proposed. Channel separation for Retinal Colour Fundus image is used followed by Gaussian filter. The performance of our proposed method has been assessed on 23 images representing the publicly(More)
The authors describe the advantage of subjective examination of the nerve fiber layer in everyday outpatient praxis of the ophthalmologist. The objective examination of the nerve fiber layer is performed on specialized clinics by means of expensive instruments as are OCT, GDX or HRT. Every ophthalmologist may analyze the retinal nerve fiber layer(More)
The authors define the term planimetry in general and planimetry of the optic disc in particular and present a brief review of the history of planimetric evaluation of the optic disc. They describe a digital analyzer of their own design, the method of examination of the optic disc and further processing and recording of data. They define the indications and(More)