Tomas Krilavicius

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Hybrid systems combine continuous-time and discrete behaviours. Simulation is one of the tools to obtain insight in dynamical systems behaviour. Simulation results provide information on performance of system and are helpful in detecting potential weaknesses and errors. Moreover, the results are handy in choosing adequate control strategies and parameters.(More)
This paper presents a stability analysis approach for a class of hybrid automata. It is assumed that the dynamics in each location of the hybrid automaton is linear and asymptotically stable, and that the guards on the transitions are hyperplanes in the state space. For each pair of ingoing and outgoing transitions in a location a conservative estimate is(More)
In this abstract we report on an industrial case study carried out in the context of the EU-funded multinational project AMETIST. The case study has been provided by Robert Bosch GmbH [4], and is concerned with the analysis of car's periphery supervision system based on short-range radar sensors placed around a car. The radar sensors can operate in two(More)
We investigate applicability of quantitative methods to discover the most fundamental structural properties of the most reliable political data in Lithuania. Namely, we analyze voting data of the Lithuanian Parliament. Two most widely used techniques of structural data analysis (clustering and multidimensional scaling) are compared. We draw some technical(More)
—Pedagogy with Web 2.0 technologies is shown to facilitate the teaching-learning process through content sharing and idea collaboration. In this paper, we explore the possibility of using social networking tools, to support teaching practice in technological courses. In our study, we utilized i) Facebook Page as a platform to share content, experiences and(More)
Estimating arithmetic is a design paradigm for DSP hardware. By allowing structurally incomplete arithmetic circuits to occasionally perform imprecise calculations, higher performance can be achieved in many different electronic systems. This paper presents a potential useful approach to implement tree multipliers by using estimating arithmetic.(More)
Statistical analysis of parliamentary roll call votes is an important topic in political science because it reveals ideological positions of members of parliament (MP) and factions. However, it depends on the issues debated and voted upon. Therefore , analysis of carefully selected sets of roll call votes provides a deeper knowledge about MPs. However, in(More)