Tomas Korinek

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It is well known that the existing spectrum licensing system results in a gross under-utilization of the frequency spectrum. Spectrum background measurements – spectrum surveys – provide useful data for spectrum regulation, planning or finding frequency niches for spectrum sharing. Dynamic spectrum sharing as a main goal of cognitive radio (CR) is the(More)
This paper presents an RFID outdoor localization system that is able to localize hundreds of active transponders in the area of one square kilometer using three RFID receiving stations. The RFID outdoor locator is designed for the tracking of casualties during mass disasters. Active transponders are included in triage tags that are fastened to all(More)
This paper deals with the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag design as a part of RFID localization system primarily designated for mass disasters. The design of RFID tag considers many casualties in an area of hundreds square meters, human body impedance, battery lifetime, maximal output power, resistant encapsulation etc.(More)
A dual polarization (DP) radio over a free-space optical (FSO) communication link using a long-term evolution (LTE) radio signal is proposed and analyzed under different turbulence channel conditions. Radio signal transmission over the DP FSO channel is experimentally verified by means of error vector magnitude (EVM) statistics. We demonstrate that such a(More)
This paper describes the experimental verification of the utilization of long-term evolution radio over fiber (RoF) and radio over free space optics (RoFSO) systems using dual-polarization signals for cloud radio access network applications determining the specific utilization limits. A number of free space optics configurations are proposed and(More)
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