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Coulter, Alison Adele Ph.D., Purdue University, May 2015. Biology and Ecology of Bigheaded Carp in an Invaded Ecosystem. Major Professor: Reuben Goforth. Globally, the homogenization of species has become a threat to biodiversity. As species are transported around the world, a portion of these species, released intentionally or accidentally, may become(More)
A private practice, free standing work evaluation center was established in November 1982 to serve a large metropolitan area in northern California. Originally conceived to evaluate and treat persons with traumatic hand and/or upper extremity injuries, the practice has now expanded to include services for industrially injured workers, persons with personal(More)
Vanda Acacio Vicenç Acuña Thomas Adam David Ainley Ibrahim Alameddine Marina Alberti Heather Alexander Gregory Ames Jose Luis Andrade Paul Aplin Althea Archmiller Anna Armitage Stefan Arndt L.P. Arribas Isabel Ashton Micheal Aubert Amy Austin Emily Austin Andrew Babbin Patricia Backwell Sara Baer Edith Bai Jun-hong Bai Lisette Bakker Becky Ball Marilyn Ball(More)
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