Tomas Hlavaty

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The contribution addresses the application of formal methods in functional specification, design and verification of real-time software systems in safety-critical applications. We present basic principles of software verification methods directed towards automatic proof of safety properties against the model of the system. Verification of the railway(More)
The problem searching for an optimal triangulation with required properties (in a plane) is solved in this paper. Existing approaches are shortly introduced here and, specially, this paper is dedicated to the brute force methods. Several new brute force methods that solve the problem from different points of view are described here. Although they have NP(More)
At present, 3D retrieval systems that are content-based become very popular. In these systems similar models from a database are retrieved in accordance with a form of a template model. In an early era text-based retrieval systems were designed. These systems assign keywords to each model and then they retrieve similar models by comparing a similarity of(More)
A “control table” is a functional specification of the signaling system of a railway section. It specifies the routes on which trains are allowed to pass. Control table for interlocking system in Indian Railways is done by a vendor. This control table is verified for correctness by another vendor. The process followed to generate this control table remains(More)
This paper is dedicated to a proposition of a novel feature extraction method for 2-manifold objects in 3D. The topological description was used as a base of the method. The curvatures of the surface are used to obtain the description independent on the position and the orientation of the object. In the addition, the Morse theory and the Delaunay(More)
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