Tomas Eklund

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This paper adopts a multi-methodological approach to information systems research in order to produce new information through data mining. This approach is particularly suitable for mining material that consists of both qualitative and quantitative information. The contents of quarterly reports from three telecommunications companies were compared. The(More)
The socio-economic situation of a country can be measured in a number of ways, often by looking at indicator values describing different aspects of the social and economic reality in the country in question. Socio-economic development can be measured and observed by comparing yearly indicator values. As a large number of indicators are often required to(More)
Analyzing financial performance in today’s information-rich society can be a daunting task. With the evolution of the Internet, access to massive amounts of financial data, typically in the form of financial statements, is widespread. Managers and stakeholders are in need of a data-mining tool allowing them to quickly and accurately analyze this data. An(More)
Customer relationship management is a central part of Business Intelligence, and sales campaigns are often used for improving customer relationships. This paper uses advanced analytics to explore customer behavior during sales campaigns. We provide a visual, data-driven and efficient framework for customer-segmentation and campaign-response modeling. First,(More)