Tomas Danikauskas

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In the paper Output driven Information systems (IS) requirements specification method (ODRES) is overviewed emphasizing the problems of recording certain requirements. It is suggested that the method can be extended with business rules recording capabilities. Business rules-based requirements specification method is used to extend ODRES by incorporating(More)
Approaches for the analysis and specification of business vocabularies and rules are relevant topics in both Business Process Management and Information Systems Development disciplines. However, in common practice of Information Systems Development, the Business modeling activities still are of mostly empiric nature. In this paper, aspects of the approach(More)
The problem of information system (IS) workspace design is analysed. Different conceptions for IS workspace structure design are overviewed. Conceptions are based on Oracle CASE method, IDEF and UML application approach. The structure of the output driven requirements specification method is described. An approach to IS workspace design based on information(More)
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