Tomas Chevalier

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In object reconstruction and recognition based on laser radar data, the range value’s accuracy is important. The range data accuracy depends on the accuracy in the laser radar’s detector, especially the algorithm used for time-of-flight estimation. In this paper, we model a general direct-detection laser radar system applicable for hard target measurements.(More)
Hyperspectral remote sensing based on unmanned airborne vehicles is a field increasing in importance. The combined functionality of simultaneous hyperspectral and geometric modeling is less developed. A configuration has been developed that enables the reconstruction of the hyperspectral three-dimensional (3D) environment. The hyperspectral camera is based(More)
This paper investigates active and passive short-wave infrared (SWIR) imaging for slant paths close to ground. The main sensor, a gated SWIR camera, was collecting both passive and active images along a 2 km long path over an airfield and also from our rooftop laboratory looking over open fields. For some investigations we also used a gated system working(More)
Mammalian herbivores have important top-down effects on ecological processes and landscapes by generating vegetation changes through grazing and trampling. For free-ranging herbivores on large landscapes, trampling is an important ecological factor. However, whereas grazing is widely studied, low-intensity trampling is rarely studied and quantified. The(More)
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