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Recently it has been suggested that the parasympathetic innervation of the ventricles is by way of postganglionic axones that emanate from ganglion cells in the atria, reaching the ventricles by traversing the atrioventricular (AV) groove. We designed a series of experiments to test this hypothesis. Phenol (89%) was applied to the AV groove and surrounding(More)
OBJECTIVE Pressure induced left ventricular hypertrophy is associated with alterations in distribution of cardiac myosin isozymes. This study evaluated the influence of aging, superimposed chronic hypertension on aging, and treatment with nifedipine on cardiac myosin isozyme proportions. METHODS Myosin isozyme (V1, V2, and V3) proportions were(More)
We examined the hypothesis that substance P (SP) acts as an "afferent neuromodulator" in the heart regulating the response of the cardiac autonomic nerves to reflexes originating in the heart. We employed the acute, isovolumic canine heart preparation in which the amplitude of the chamber pressure accurately reflects changes in contractility. The heart was(More)
The intrinsic cardiac nerves (ICN) have been shown to develop supersensitivity to nicotine (NIC) following complete extrinsic cardiac denervation. The present experiments were performed to delineate the pattern of ICN distribution in the heart by examining the pattern of NIC supersensitivity after unilateral vagotomy (VGX). Thirty-eight dogs were placed on(More)
Figure 1.1: Deductive and inductive processes 10 Figure 2.1: Development of portfolio management theory 13 Figure 2.2: The project management process 14 Figure 2.3: Selection and prioritization criteria for financial and project portfolios 16 Figure 2.4: BCG growth-share matrix 16 Figure 2.5: Linking corporate and project strategy 18 Figure 2.6: Five types(More)
1. The possibility that responses of the intrinsic cardiac nerves (ICN) of the dog to nicotinic stimulation are influenced by tachyphylaxis to repeated administration of nicotine (NIC) was evaluated in an anaesthetized preparation. Prolongation of A-V conduction was used as an index of ICN responsiveness. 2. Twenty dogs were placed on cardiopulmonary bypass(More)