Tomas Backström

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This study highlights the most typical accidents encountered by assembly workers employed in a variety of different workshops at a large automobile and truck factory in Sweden. Following site visits and the collection of data from accident registers, statistics on 28 accident characteristics were compiled on the basis of the 145 accidents involving(More)
Titel: Communication and development at proAros Problem: The organization and development unit of proAros have established a website named idébank, to generate innovations, but there appears to be a lack of communication within the organization. Although the site has been formally marketed, employees of the organization do not know how to navigate the(More)
networks, metrics of connectivity of networks, metrics for complexity of networks, complexity of networked organisations , complexity of networked economy. bench learning in supply chain of tele-services, benchmarking, best practices, organisational change and knowledge. ECCON is an emerged European Network on Chaos and Complexity Research and Management(More)
Decentralized work systems are, per definition, based on the assumption that external regulation of work can be replaced by internal regulation of work both on an individual and a collective level. There are reasons to suppose that sustainable work systems are related to the capability and possibility of individuals and organizations to develop higher(More)
A new managerial task arises in today's working life: to provide conditions for and influence interaction between actors and thus to enable the emergence of organizing structure in tune with a changing environment. We call this the enabling managerial task. The goal of this paper is to study whether training first line managers in the enabling managerial(More)
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