Tomas Anbinderis

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The present paper deals with building the text corpus for unit selection text-to-speech synthesis. During synthesis the target and concatenation costs are calculated and these costs are usually based on the prosodic and acoustic features of sounds. If the cost calculation is moved to the phonological level, it is possible to simulate unit selection(More)
G. Valušisa,c,∗, D. Seliuta, V. Tamošiūnas, E. Širmulis, S. Balakauskas, J. Gradauskas, A. Sužiedėlis, S. Ašmontas, T. Anbinderis, A. Narkūnas, I. Papsujeva, A. Lisauskas, H.G. Roskos and K. Köhler Semiconductor Physics Institute, A. Goštauto 11, 01108 Vilnius, Lithuania Elmika Ltd, Naugarduko 41, 03227 Vilnius, Lithuania Physikalisches Institut der J.W.(More)
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