Tom van der Meer

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For the synthesis of m-sulfamoylbenzamide analogues, small molecules which are known for their bioactivity, a chemoselective procedure has been developed starting from m-(chlorosulfonyl)benzoyl chloride. Although a chemoselective process in batch was already reported, a continuous-flow process reveals an increased selectivity at higher temperatures and(More)
Gay and Lesbian Studies have been rather successful on an institutional level at Dutch universities. The article discusses the social and scholarly backgrounds of this development, the work being done, and the social reception of gay and lesbian studies. The deployment of gay and lesbian studies was possible thanks to the democratic structure of Dutch(More)
The distinction between bridging and bonding associations is a cornerstone of social capital research. Nevertheless, this study is the first to provide a direct test of the socialization mechanism that supposedly causes ethnically mixed (bridging) associations to generate interethnic tolerance and trust, and homogenous (bonding) associations to cement(More)
Stromules are highly dynamic protrusions of the plastids in plants. Several factors, such as drought and light conditions, influence the stromule frequency (SF) in a positive or negative way. A relatively recently discovered class of plant hormones are the strigolactones; strigolactones inhibit branching of the shoots and promote beneficial interactions(More)
The constrict claim that ethnic heterogeneity drives down social trust has been empirically tested across the globe. Meta-analyses suggest that neighbourhood ethnic heterogeneity generally undermines ties within the neighbourhood (such as trust in neighbours), but concurrently has an inconsistent or even positive effect on interethnic ties (such as outgroup(More)
The often-posed claim that Europe is a pessimistic continent is not unjustified. In 2012, 53 percent of European Union (EU) citizens were pessimistic about their country. Surprisingly, however, societal pessimism has received very little scientific attention. In this article, we examine to what extent political and economic factors drive societal pessimism.(More)
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