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Iminophosphanes are a new group of 1,3-P,N-ligands, readily obtainable from secondary phosphanes and nitrilium ions, having a tunable N-donor site by means of varying the imine substituents. These ligands give, in high yields, monodentate gold complexes and bidentate rhodium and iridium complexes. Crystal structures are reported for both the ligands and the(More)
The parent tris(pyrazolyl)phosphine and its 3,5-Me2, 3-Ph, and 3-t-Bu derivatives have been prepared by a simple procedure and show modest Lewis basicity of the phosphorus apex as was established by the magnitude of the (1)JP,Se coupling constant of the phosphine selenides. Because of the chelating properties of both the N- and P-sites, neutral(More)
Readily accessible nitrilium triflates are convenient imine building blocks for the expedient synthesis of a novel class of 1,3-P,N ligands as demonstrated for the reaction with primary phosphanes. This procedure allows variation of all substituents. X-ray crystal structures are reported for nitrilium ions, phosphaamidines, and three phosphaamidinate(More)
The tsunami that struck the coasts of India on 26 December 2004 resulted in the large-scale destruction of fisher habitations. The post-tsunami rehabilitation effort in Tamil Nadu was directed towards relocating fisher settlements in the interior. This paper discusses the outcomes of a study on the social effects of relocation in a sample of nine(More)
A simple and efficient methodology is presented for the synthesis of a wide range of substituted imines. It is based on stabilizing readily available, but thermally labile, N-alkylnitrilium triflates with pyridine or DMAP to moderately air-stable adducts. These base-stabilized imine synthons react conveniently with phosphorus- and nitrogen-based(More)
In the title compound, (C11H14N)[AlCl4], the nitrilium (systematic name: 2,2-dimethyl-N-phenyl-propane-nitrilium) ion adopts a slightly distorted linear configuration [C-N C = 178.87 (16) and N C-C = 179.13 (17)°]. In the crystal, while there are no inter-molecular hydrogen bonds, pairs of nitrilium ions are linked through π-π inter-actions [inter-centroid(More)
Highly stable iminophosphanes, obtained from alkylating nitriles and reaction of the resulting nitrilium ions with secondary phosphanes, were explored as tunable P-monodentate and 1,3-P,N bidentate ligands in rhodium complexes. X-ray crystal structures are reported for both κ1 and κ2 complexes with the counterion in one of them being an unusual anionic(More)
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