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Road network analysis can require distance from points that are not on the network themselves. We study the algorithmic problem of connecting a point inside a face (region) of the road network to its boundary while minimizing the detour factor of that point to any point on the boundary of the face. We show that the optimal single connection (feed-link) can(More)
Road network data is often incomplete, making it hard to perform network analysis. This paper discusses the problem of extending partial road networks with reasonable links, using the concept of <i>dilation</i> (also known as <i>crow flight conversion coefficient</i>). To this end, we study how to connect a point (relevant location) inside a polygon (face(More)
PURPOSE The Netherlands is developing a set of national domain information models to support electronic information exchange and electronic patient records (EPR). These domain information models aim to support the development, adoption, implementation and maintenance of the EPR in Dutch healthcare practice. This article describes the modelling for a pilot(More)
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