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Cycloisomerization of 2-alkynylanilines to indoles catalyzed by carbon-supported gold nanoparticles and subsequent homocoupling to 3,3'-biindoles.
However, the reductive nature of those conditions limited thereaction scope and precluded the possibility of furthercascade functionalization. Soon after, Somorjai, Toste, andco-workers reported thatExpand
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Intermolecular oxidative dehydrogenative 3,3′-coupling of benzo[b]furans and benzo[b]thiophenes promoted by DDQ/H+: total synthesis of shandougenine B
With an excess of a strong acid, 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-1,4-quinone (DDQ) is shown to promote metal-free intermolecular oxidative dehydrogenative (ODH) 3,3′-coupling of 2-aryl-benzo[b]furans andExpand
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Carbocatalysed Oxidative C sp 2C sp 2 Homocouplings of Benzo-Fused Heterocycles
Appropriate and fine-tuned treatments of amorphous carbon (AC) involving aqua regia or concentrated HNO3 lead to oxidised carbon materials (oAC) which are able to catalyse 2,2′- andExpand
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Photoreductive Removal of O-Benzyl Groups from Oxyarene N-Heterocycles Assisted by O-Pyridine-pyridone Tautomerism.
Facile photoreductive protocols have been developed to remove benzyl O-protective groups from oxyarene N-heterocycles at positions capable for 2-/4-O-pyridine-2-/4-pyridone tautomerism. Blue lightExpand
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Gold(I)-catalyzed 1,3-O-transposition of ynones: Mechanism and catalytic acceleration with electron rich aldehydes
The gold-catalyzed 1,3-O-transposition of ynones occurs intermolecularly via a cyclic organo-gold acetal intermediate formed from the nucleophilic oxo attack of a second ynone, i.e. either startingExpand
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Carbocatalytic Oxidative Dehydrogenative Couplings of (Hetero)Aryls by Oxidized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Liquid Phase.
HNO3-oxidized carbon nanotubes catalyze oxidative dehydrogenative (ODH) carbon-carbon bond formation between electron-rich (hetero)aryls with O2 as a terminal oxidant. The recyclable carbocatalyticExpand
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Gold(III)-catalyzed enynamine-cyclopentadiene cycloisomerization with chirality transfer: an experimental and theoretical study indicating involvement of dual Au(III) push-pull assisted cis-trans
A synthetic approach for asymmetric ring-fused cyclopentadienes (Cps) with a chiral carbon at the ring junction has been established from chiral enynamines by achiral Au(III) catalysis. On the basisExpand
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Cycloisomerization of 2‐Alkynylanilines to Indoles Catalyzed by Carbon‐Supported Gold Nanoparticles and Subsequent Homocoupling to 3,3′‐Biindoles.
The cycloisomerization of 2-alkynyl substituted anilines (I) is studied using a heterogeneous gold on carbon catalysts.
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Gold(III)-Catalyzed Enynamine—Cyclopentadiene Cycloisomerization with ChiralityTransfer: An Experimental and Theoretical Study Indicating Involvement of Dual Au(III) Push—Pull Assisted cis—trans
A synthetic approach for asymmetric ring-fused cyclopentadienes with a chiral carbon at the ring junction is established from chiral enynamines by achiral Au(III) catalysis.
Quinones as Redox Mediators