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We characterize bipartite Steinhaus graphs in three ways by partitioning them into four classes and we describe the color sets for each of these classes. An interesting recursion had previously been given for the number of bipartite Steinhaus graphs and we give two fascinating closed forms for this recursion. Also, we exhibit a lower bound, which is(More)
The question of the appropriate role of program correcmess proofs in the undergraduate curriculum is current and even controversial ([2] and responses). The issue is somewhat analogous to the question of when to introduce & limit proofs in the mathematics curriculum. For many of us who came to computer science via mathematics there was a major difference,(More)
While CS educators may agree that computer science involves much more than programming, different perspectives emerge concerning the introduction of non-programming topics within the first or second year of the undergraduate curriculum. Some common questions include: ● How can we give. beginning students a sense of the breadth of our discipline? ● What(More)
O R IG IN A L A R TIC LES H urler’s Syndrome Intra-abdominal Haemorrhage V entricular Septal Defect Medical Treatm ent of Hypertension Neurological Biographies. (1) Sir William Gowers In Lighter Vein L. Jacobson and M. A. Kibel T. K. Whaley and O. C. Colt G. M c L e is h ...................................... R. K a u n tz e(More)
This paper is a progress report on our study of parallel algorithms to search a binary tree for nodes possessing a hereditary property. This problem was abstracted from a specific problem of this type having to do with the chromatic number of Steinhaus graphs. The algorithms discussed have been implemented and tested on this application using MPI. The(More)
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