Tom Weaver

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  • Patrick Min, Joe Crouthamel, Steve Elgersma, Ginny Hogan, Chris Kranz, Tina Mccoy +44 others
  • 2004
This thesis describes an online search engine for 3D models, focusing on query interfaces and their corresponding model/query representations and matching methods. A large number of 3D models has already been created, many of which are freely available on the web. Because of the time and effort involved in creating a high-quality 3D model, considerable(More)
Identifying genes that are important for embryo development is a crucial first step towards understanding their many functions in driving the ordered growth, differentiation and organogenesis of embryos. It can also shed light on the origins of developmental disease and congenital abnormalities. Current international efforts to examine gene function in the(More)
The MouseBook ( databases and web portal provide access to information about mutant mouse lines held as live or cryopreserved stocks at MRC Harwell. The MouseBook portal integrates curated information from the MRC Harwell stock resource, and other Harwell databases, with information from external data resources to provide(More)
International efforts to test gene function in the mouse by the systematic knockout of each gene are creating many lines in which embryonic development is compromised. These homozygous lethal mutants represent a potential treasure trove for the biomedical community. Developmental biologists could exploit them in their studies of tissue differentiation and(More)
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