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2 Acknowledgments Preparing this paper has been for me a marvellous opportunity to benefit from the thoughts, comments and guidance of a very large number of people. For their friendly and patient help, I wish to express my hearty thanks to: I owe even more to the many labourers, farmers, and Government officials who helped me during my field enquiries in(More)
  • Tom Walker
  • Studies in history and philosophy of biological…
  • 2008
Psychological altruism (being motivated by the needs of others) has a tendency to produce behaviour that is costly in evolutionary terms. How, then, could the capacity for psychological altruism evolve? One suggestion is that it is the result of sexual selection. There are, however, two problems that face such an account: first, it is not clear that the(More)
PATHWAYS OUT OF POVERTY IN RURAL MOZAMBIQUE By Benedito Armando Cunguara This research addresses three questions: (i) how have the incidence of poverty and the distribution of income changed? (ii) what factors are associated with rural household income change? and (iii) what factors are associated with moving out of or into poverty in the short-run? The(More)
Information on varietal output, adoption, and change is critical to measuring and improving the effectiveness of agricultural research in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the late-1990s, modern varieties accounted for only about 20–25 percent of growing area of most primary food crops across SSA. Drawing on initial outcomes from the Diffusion of Improved Varieties in(More)
Principlism aims to provide a framework to help those working in medicine both to identify moral problems and to make decisions about what to do. For it to meet this aim, the principles included within it must express values that all morally serious people share (or ought to share), and there must be no other values that all morally serious people share (or(More)
This paper presents an ex ante analysis of the private and social profitability of the introduction of Bt cotton for a major cotton producing area of northern Mozambique. Cotton is especially relevant to rural poverty reduction because smallholders often have few alternative cash earning activities, and yields are among the lowest in Africa. Multivariate(More)
Agricultural Research in collaboration with the Michigan State University maintains two publication series for research on Agricultural Research issues. Publications under the Research Summary series are short (3-4 pages), carefully focused reports designated to provide timely research results on issues of great interest. Publications under the Research(More)
Around the world, the population is ageing in ways that pose new challenges for healthcare providers. To date these have mostly been formulated in terms of challenges created by increasing costs, and the focus has been squarely on life-prolonging treatments. However, this focus ignores the ways in which many older people require life-enhancing treatments to(More)