Tom Vindbaek Madsen

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Callitriche cophocarpa Sendtner is a heterophyllous amphibious macrophyte that produces apical rosettes of floating leaves. The importance of air contact for inorganic carbon and N uptake and for growth was investigated. Plants were grown with the floating rosette in contact with air of various humidities (10, 50, and >90% relative humidity) and with the(More)
Activated carboxylase activities of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (Rubisco), as well as photosynthetic rates were measured for 42 species of freshwater and marine macrophytes. While the carboxylase activity varied greatly among the species investigated (0.2–12.5 μmol CO2 mg−1 chlorophyll min−1), the submersed freshwater plants showed(More)
A controlled environment system, termed the Phyto-Nutri-Tron (PNT), has been established to study whole plant ecophysiological responses to multiple environmental factors. The PNT is a computer-controlled highly flexible growth facility with independent control of the shoot and the root environment. The facility consists of two growth cabinets each(More)
· We examine the photosynthetic response of submerged plants from streams and lakes with contrasting free-CO₂ and nitrogen (N) availability. We hypothesized that: the photosynthetic capacity of stream plants is higher because of higher N availability; the photosynthetic N-use efficiency (PNUE) is also higher because stream plants are acclimated to higher(More)
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