Tom Vanacker

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Entrepreneurial ventures rely not only on founders, but also on “joiners” – individuals who are attracted to working in startups as employees but who do not want to be founders themselves. We examine the role of individual preferences and social-contextual influences in shaping founder and joiner orientations prior to the first career transition. In doing(More)
To the Editor: In a past commentary, Dr. Wright evaluated the performance of 8 studies designed to apply automated surveillance (AS) technologies in infection control. In terms of sensitivity and specificity, the reported sensitivity of those studies ranged from 0.65 to 0.943, and the specificity ranged from 0.72 to 0.999. Because of the trade-off between(More)
Entrepreneurial ventures rely not only on founders, but also on “joiners” – startup employees who share similar “entrepreneurial” characteristics as founders but who do not want to be founders themselves. In this study we examine how preferences and contextual factors relate – both independently and jointly – with individuals’ interest in being either a(More)
Drawing upon signaling theory and the attention-based view of the firm, we study if signal receivers attend differently to different types of signals when they interact with different firms or operate under different market conditions. Our theorizing and empirical analysis is situated in the context of the follow-on fundraising activities by private equity(More)
Sustainability reporting is the process by which companies describe how they deal with their own economic, environmental, and social impacts, thus making stakeholders able to recognize the value of sustainable practices. As stressed in the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines, which act as a de facto standard for sustainability reporting, sustainable(More)
Entrepreneurship may be regarded as the mechanism of change towards sustainability. Any entrepreneur that seeks to start a new venture in an emerging industry will face resource and time constraints. The question we raise here is how the entrepreneur should prioritize use of time and resources to increase likeliness of success. To address this question we(More)
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