Tom Valkenborgh

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OBJECTIVE Minimally invasive coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), carried out on the warm beating heart, does not allow conventional myocardial protection. The objective was to investigate the possibility of enhancing tolerance to ischemia during short episodes of coronary artery occlusion, based on a pharmacological approach using a selective(More)
BACKGROUND In labour analgesia, the combination of epidural clonidine and neostigmine as adjuvants to local anaesthetics and opioids is under investigation to provide a longer duration of initial spinal analgesia with local anaesthetics and/or opioids. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the quality of analgesia with epidural neostigmine and clonidine, added to(More)
Patients scheduled for bariatric surgery are instructed to stick to a low calorie, protein sparing diet for a brief period before their operation. However, too low calorie intake can lead to starvation ketoacidosis. We describe a case of a patient who rigorously restricted oral calorie input, even more than prescribed. Immediately after surgery, a marked(More)
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