Tom Valencia

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Raja Pullela, Shahrzad Tadjpour, Dmitriy Rozenblit, William Domino, Thomas Obkircher, Mohamed El Said, Bala Ramachandran, Tirdad Sowlati, Darioush Agahi, WeiHong Chen, Dean A. Badillo, Masoud Kahrizi, Jaleh Komaili, Stephane Wloczysiak, Utku Seckin, Yun-Young Choi, Hasan Akyol, Martin Vadkerti, Amir Mahjoob, Hamid Firouzkouhi, Daniel Shum, Rajendra(More)
Melanin-concentrating hormone (MCH) is a hypothalamic neuropeptide with a well-characterised role in energy homeostasis and emergent roles in diverse physiologic functions such as arousal, mood and reproduction. Work to date has predominantly focused on its hypothalamic functions using animal models; however, little attention has been paid to its role in(More)
One of the current problems in software systems development is the increasing complexity of analysing and guaranteeing the reliable behaviour of these systems. This project is oriented towards the development of the methods, tools and techniques necessary for supporting quality software construction, with emphasis on practical application to the industrial(More)
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