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Early reports on enhancing occipital alpha through feedback noted that subjects reported the experience as being pleasant and relaxing. This paper reports the subjective experiences of 140 subjects who participated in four studies which examined the alpha enhancement phenomenon. Under both eyes-open and eyes-closed conditions, approximately 50 per cent of(More)
In large-scale performance-based assessment of medical professionals' clinical competence, simulated patients (standardized patients-SPs) are used not only to simulate case problems but also to record on check-list the examinees' clinical performance during their encounter with the SPs. The purposes of this study were to determine the SPs' overall accuracy(More)
By the end of 1990-91, the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine had had six years of experience with comprehensive, performance-based examinations of senior medical students' levels of clinical competence; this report assesses the psychometric aspects of the six examinations given during that period. The examinations were aimed at determining the(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effects of examinee gender, standardized-patient (SP) gender, and, in particular, their interaction on ratings made by SPs of examinees' interpersonal and communication skills in a performance-based examination of clinical competence. METHOD The examination was administered to four classes of senior medical students (about 70 per(More)
A level feedlot, located in an area consisting of Wann silt loam changing with depth to sand, appears to contribute no more NO(3) nitrogen, NH(4) nitrogen, and total nitrogen to the shallow water table beneath it than an adjacent cropped field. Soil water samples collected at 46, 76, and 107 cm beneath the feedlot surface generally showed NO(3) nitrogen(More)
The use of performance-based examinations consisting of standardized-patient (SP) cases has increased greatly in recent years. These examinations are typically long and thus require the presentation of the same SP cases to several consecutive examinee groups. Consequently, concerns have arisen about the potential for violations of test security whereby(More)