Tom Thieme

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Copper wire bonding has huge cost advantages over gold wire bonding. As a result, low pin count, heavy wire applications have already been converted to copper wire and many companies are in high volume production. Recently, with the price of gold skyrocketing, conversion of high pin count (>250 I/O), high performance applications to Cu has dramatically(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if oral fluid samples can be used to reliably assess protective blood levels of antibodies to measles, mumps, and rubella. DESIGN A comparison of matched serum and oral fluid samples from asymptomatic subjects in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for measles, mumps, and rubella antibodies. A longitudinal study compared matched(More)
Consistent with the reports of others, we have demonstrated that human peripheral blood lymphocytes adhere to cultured human umbilical vein-derived endothelial cells (EC) in vitro. In our studies adherence was increased twofold to threefold by a 6-hr preincubation of the EC with IL 1. Recombinant human IL 1 alpha induced a maximal adherence response at less(More)
Oral fluid samples were compared with serum samples as a specimen source for hepatitis A, B, and C virus markers. Oral fluid was obtained with a treated absorbent pad and tested by using existing commercial enzyme immunoassays with only minor modifications. Compared with serum sampling the sensitivity and specificity of oral sampling were 100% (51 of 51(More)
Lymphocyte-dependent antibodies (LDA's) directed against antigenic determinants present on lymphoblastoid cell lines as well as human leukemia blast cells were demonstrated in heterologous antisera obtained by immunizing rabbits with a membrane fraction from RPMI-4265 (a lymphoblastoid cell line derived from a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia). LDA(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the efficacy of oral fluid antibody testing for the detection of hepatitis C. METHODS Paired serum and oral fluid collections were obtained from 216 subjects. A modification of the serum HCV ELISA assay was developed to improve test accuracy for an oral fluid substrate. Sensitivity was determined in 109 HCV serum ELISA-positive(More)