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The Heliothis armigera entomopoxvirus (HaEPV) genome encodes a predicted 68 kDa polypeptide related to the 'rifampicin resistance' protein of vaccinia virus (with 30 % identity), and an homologous swinepox virus protein (27% identity). We were unable to isolate an HaEPV genotypic variant encoding a predicted C-terminal truncated form of the protein,(More)
The gene encoding the most abundant protein of purified preparations of Heliothis armigera entomopoxvirus (HaEPV) has been cloned and sequenced. The gene sequence encodes a 40.1K polypeptide with a putative N-terminal 20 amino acid leader peptide, and a single potential N-glycosylation site. Analysis of the protein, which has an apparent M(r) of 50K on(More)
When health service managers in Nottingham planned to move much of their outpatient activity to a proposed Diagnosis and Treatment Centre (DTC) they welcomed the opportunity to re-design the delivery of these services in a new setting. However, the lack of accessible, detailed information about outpatients' resource requirements posed an initial problem.(More)
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