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The Council of Europe Convention on Manipulation of Sports Competitions: the best bet for the global fight against match-fixing?
The paper commences by looking at why there is a need for a new international treaty on match-fixing; the first part of the paper considers what is meant by ‘manipulation of sports competitions’, and
Willing Suspension of Disbelief: A Study in Online Learning Through Simulation, and Its Potential for Deeper Learning in Higher Education
This article describes the replacement of a “traditionally taught” law of probate course (lectures and workshops/tutorials) with an on-line collaborative learning exercise using simulation and
Gambling related match-fixing: a terminal threat to the integrity of sport?
This sports law paper looks at betting related match-fixing and its variant spot-fixing. Proposals to curb fixing are discussed as are recent laws and moves at self regulation in the gambling
Sports Corruption: Sporting Autonomy, Lex Sportiva and the Rule of Law
An apparent escalation in on-field corruption (doping and match-fixing) in professional sports has led to increasing numbers of athletes facing bans and a loss of livelihood as a consequence of
The state of EU sports law: lessons from UEFA’s ‘Financial Fair Play’ regulations
The EU’s sporting competence derives from the legal norm, established by the European Court of Justice, that requires that ‘sporting rules’ of sports governing bodies which have an economic impact
British football club insolvency: regulatory reform inevitable?
The article documents the high incidence of insolvencies occurring in recent years among professional British football clubs which has led to a select committee of the House of Commons to call for a
UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Regulations: the devil is inthe detail
“The devil is in the detail, and we’re trying to get to grips with this devil...”2, the words of Michel Platini, President of the Union of European Football Associations (“UEFA”), in August 2013,
Follow the money: confiscation of unexplained wealth laws and sport's fixing crisis
The article reviews the approach in differing jurisdictions to forfeiture of "unexplained wealth" through non-criminal proceedings in the civil courts, and analyses a recent decision of the UK