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Field mill instruments are often employed for the measurement of electric fields, electric charges, voltage potentials, and atmospheric effects. This paper discusses in more detail the application of a field mill for measuring dc voltages in high-voltage laboratories. Some specific problems, which arise when voltages in the kilovolt or megavolt range have(More)
Due to the increased unbalanced loading of the electrical grids, the penetration of power electronics and the increasing number of switching phenomena in low and medium voltage grids, it is obvious that electrical insulation systems are no longer subjected to only the 50 Hz, purely sinusoidal voltages. The existence of fast transients, switching impulses or(More)
The Prony method is aimed at fitting a number of exponentials to some measured curve. Despite recent advances in the computational aspects, this method can be very sensitive to noise when the sampling rate is inadequate. A novel approach addressing this problem will be presented, allowing for some degrees of freedom in choosing how to cope with inadequate(More)
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