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Benign migratory stomatitis is a relatively rare entity, but because of its benign nature and clinical characteristics, it should be easily recognized by the general practitioner. Biopsy is usually not indicated and treatment consists of reassuring the patient that the lesions are benign even though they may disappear, reappear, and change location; the(More)
This report describes DOSS and its capabilities, some design decisions made within it and the associated tradeoffs. DOSS is a storage system designed to support CAD applications efficiently. We define composite objects, examine their ability to capture design data and outline our approach to distributed object naming. We believe our choice of the(More)
At the present time substantial software, memory, and CPU cycle penalties are incurred in bridging the semantic gap between high-level language formatted output statements and 1/0 device capabilities. Because of this gap and in response to the rapidly expanding capability of VLSI microelectronic circuits, a dedicated I/O processor is proposed to off-load(More)
The key to the effectiveness of any CAD system is the effectiveness of its human interface. Designers need an interface that is easily mastered, consistent across the variety of tools within the system, and adaptable. In an effort to provide this type of interface, the authors and others within the MCC CAD Program have built a software platform that(More)
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