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National identity and sporting mega-events in Brazil
Abstract Soft power is a two-step process. First, countries need to possess national cohesion and international credibility. Second, they can then project certain marketable images to otherExpand
Literary Journals and the Direction of the Nation
Penfold focuses on three South African literary journals to explore how these publications influenced the country’s national literature. The critical interventions made in Nat Nakasa’s The ClassicExpand
Mxolisi Nyezwa’s Poetry of No Sure Place
A change in direction of the journal New Coin during the 1990s saw the emergence of a diverse group of poets who had previously struggled for publication. This article recognises this oftenExpand
Writing the City from Below: Graffiti in Johannesburg
Cited as an elusive metropolis, the city of Johannesburg largely resists the imagination. Following on from Lucy Gasser’s (2014) reading of Ivan Vladislavić’s Portrait with Keys this articleExpand
Theatrical Performance in the 1980s
This chapter offers a broad overview of 1980s culture and describes how it became a decade of performance. Focusing initially on trade union and worker culture before widening the discussion to otherExpand
Biko's Ghost: The Iconography of Black Consciousness
(New Haven: Yale University Press, 1998). 6. G.Hecht,BeingNuclear: Africans and theGlobalUraniumTrade (CambridgeMA:MITPress, 2012). 7. See esp. S. Dubow, ‘Conclusion: The Renationalization ofExpand
Dissonances from the Global South: song, art and performance in cultures of struggle
Abstract Taking up the important work of other theorists of performance, social memory and the political in Africa and Latin America we restate the need for a re-configured understanding of howExpand
Being a better human: in conversation with Angifi Dladla
Abstract In 2017, the South African poet Angifi Dladla released his second collection of poetry, Lament for Kofifi Macu, published by Deep South Press. This follows a hiatus of 11 years since theExpand