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Cell injury and cell death of pulmonary epithelium plays an important role in the pathogenesis of acute lung injury in animals exposed to prolonged hyperoxia. The aim of this study was to decipher the molecular mechanisms modulating cell death induced by hyperoxia in lung epithelium. Cell death is thought to be either apoptotic, with shrinking phenotypes(More)
We provide new information on how apoptosis regulates the expansion and survival of dendritic cell (DC) elements during in vitro hematopoiesis. Functionally distinct apoptotic schedules were associated with different phases of DC development when multipotent CD34+ progenitor cells were treated with GM-CSF + TNF +/- SCF (c-kit ligand). During early phases of(More)
To determine whether liquid ventilation (LV) causes less cell injury and improves lung function compared with conventional gas ventilation (GV), we analyzed pulmonary physiological profiles, lung histology, and cell death in 110- and 120-day preterm lambs, which were randomized to receive either ventilation modality on FI(O(2)) = 1. LV lungs were well(More)
A rabbit model of TNBS-colitis was used to study the effect of intestinal inflammation on epithelial cell function. Epithelial cells were isolated using a non-enzymatic isolation method without any apparent contamination with infiltrating immune cells. The isolated cells were found to be viable using dye exclusion studies, unidirectional Na+-fluxes,(More)
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