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In order to clarify the relationship between coronary artery disease (including myocardial infarction) and image contrast in gadolinium diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid (Gd-DTPA)-enhanced MRI it was decided to model the myocardial tissue distribution and clearance of Gd-DTPA using the modified Kety equation. Using a canine model, myocardial tissue Gd-DTPA(More)
Guidelines recommend that primary care teams measure their adult patients' blood pressures. 1 Is this always a useful activity? A measurement of blood pressure is an estimate of the true mean blood pressure. Clinical decisions are based on the average of several measurements. However, measurement is imperfect, and blood pressure shows random biological(More)
BACKGROUND Colorectal cancer is generally diagnosed following a symptomatic presentation to primary care. Although the presenting features of the cancer are well described, the risks they convey are less well known. This study aimed to quantify the risk of cancer for different symptoms, across age groups and in both sexes. METHODS This was a case-control(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a model to determine resource costs and health benefits of implementing guidelines for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in primary care. DESIGN Modelling of data from six strategies for prevention of cardiovascular disease. Strategies incorporated two ways of identifying patients for assessment: traditional (assessment of all(More)
The future organisation of prison health care 1 recommends that the NHS and the Prison Service work together to plan and provide health care services for prisoners. Whereas previously the Prison Service had this responsibility alone. The NHS will therefore have to take stock of the current level at which prison health care is demanded and provided. A key(More)
BACKGROUND There are now effective drugs to prevent cardiovascular disease and guidelines recommend their use. Patients do not always choose to accept preventive medication at levels of risk reduction recommended in guidelines. The purpose of the study was to identify and explore the attitudes of patients and general practitioners towards preventative(More)
BACKGROUND Guidelines indicate eligibility for lipid lowering drugs, but it is not known to what extent GPs' follow guidelines in routine clinical practice or whether additional clinical factors systematically influence their prescribing decisions. METHODS A retrospective cohort analysis was undertaken using electronic primary care records from 421 UK(More)
BACKGROUND A pilot project cardiovascular prevention was implemented in Sandwell (West Midlands, UK). This used electronic primary care records to identify untreated patients at high risk of cardiovascular disease then invited these high risk patients for assessment by a nurse in their own general practice. Those found to be eligible for treatment were(More)
BACKGROUND frailty is an especially problematic expression of population ageing. International guidelines recommend routine identification of frailty to provide evidence-based treatment, but currently available tools require additional resource. OBJECTIVES to develop and validate an electronic frailty index (eFI) using routinely available primary care(More)
BACKGROUND Self-management education is at the forefront of addressing the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. For those at greatest risk, such as minority-ethnic and/or socio-economically deprived groups, self-management education can be culturally-tailored to encourage behavioural change. Yet, the application of culturally appropriate material and(More)