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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has validated and made publicly available its First Data Release. This consists of 2099 square degrees of five-band (u g r i z) imaging data, 186,240 spectra of galaxies, quasars, stars and calibrating blank sky patches selected over 1360 square degrees of this area, and tables of measured parameters from these data. The imaging(More)
1 2 SDSS QUASARS ABSTRACT We present photometric and spectroscopic observations of 15 high-redshift quasars (z > 3:6) discovered from 140 deg 2 of ve-color (u 0 g 0 r 0 i 0 z 0) imaging data taken by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) during its commissioning phase. The quasars are selected by their distinctive colors in SDSS multicolor space. Four of the(More)
Drift scanning images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey's 54 CCD camera are displayed on eight screens in real-time during data acquisition. This real-time visual feedback provides an observer the means to quickly check data acquisition and telescope operations. The hardware and software used to accomplish this display are presented.
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