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for their constructive criticism and the Polimetrics Laboratory at The Ohio State University for collecting the data. Data are archived by and available from Polimetrics. Analysis was conducted using Intercooled Stata. Abstract Theory: Deterministic formal models assume that voters make decisions with certainty while probabilistic models assume that voters'(More)
1 This paper discusses measurements of the dynamic performance of electric power Phasor Measurement Units, PMUs, and their relation to the requirements of the IEEE Synchrophasor Standard C37.118-2005. In particular, it proposes a new method for monitoring the dynamic power signals that change in amplitude and frequency during the testing of PMUs. The new(More)
Acknowledgements First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor, Geoff Ghose. He has contributed substantially, in a variety of ways, to every aspect of this work. I greatly enjoyed my time in his lab and appreciate his willingness to engage in frequent " scholarly debates " and to occasionally let me win. Additionally, other members of the Ghose lab(More)
This dissertation has been read by each member of the following graduate committee and by majority vote has been found to be satisfactory. As chair of the candidate's graduate committee, I have read the dissertation of Tom Nelson in its final form and have found that (1) its format, citations, and bibliographical style are consistent and acceptable and(More)
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