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Sources, transport, and accumulation of different types of plastic litter in aquatic environments: A review study.
Types of plastic waste in different aquatic environments were assessed to obtain a global framework of plastic waste transport and accumulation, relevant for plastic pollution mitigation strategiesExpand
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Consumer response to packaging design: The role of packaging materials and graphics in sustainability perceptions and product evaluations
Building on theories of cue utilization, this paper investigates whether and how packaging sustainability influences consumer perceptions, inferences and attitudes towards packaged products. AExpand
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LICARA nanoSCAN - A tool for the self-assessment of benefits and risks of nanoproducts.
The fast penetration of nanoproducts on the market under conditions of significant uncertainty of their environmental properties and risks to humans creates a need for companies to assessExpand
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Modelling of Recycling in LCA
In the Life Cycle approach Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a systematic way to evaluate the environmental impact of systems, products, materials or activities by following a “cradle-tograve” (aExpand
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Sustainable nanotechnology decision support system: bridging risk management, sustainable innovation and risk governance
The significant uncertainties associated with the (eco)toxicological risks of engineered nanomaterials pose challenges to the development of nano-enabled products toward greatest possible societalExpand
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The price of toxicity. Methodology for the assessment of shadow prices for human toxicity, ecotoxicity and abiotic depletion
Weighting of environmental impacts is necessary to arrive at a single environmental indicator. One of the methods to weigh impacts, which has been operationalised for a number of impact categories inExpand
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Integrating the Social Impacts into Risk Governance of Nanotechnology
Literature on the risk governance of nanotechnology places significant emphasis on the potential social impacts of nano-enabled products. However, there is limited information on which social impactsExpand
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All the little things you did not think of yet
This "designers' manual" is made during the TIDO-course AR0533 Innovation & Sustainability. There are a lot of ways of using energy people would normally not think of. These are relevant for bothExpand
EnvPack, an LCA-based tool for environmental assessment of packaging chains: Part 2: influence of assessment method on ranking of alternatives
PurposeEnvPack, a tool for assessing the environmental impact of packaging, offers the user four assessment methods. The question arose whether the choice of the method would affect the ranking ofExpand
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