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Histochemical localization of the estrogen-induced sulfated glycoproteins was made in the estrogen-treated rabbit uterus. Biochemical studies by a group of Endoet al. affirmed these particular glycoproteins were PAS-positive and metachromatic as stained with TB. No sign of digestion, however, has been detected in a series of tests with α-amylase, testicular(More)
  • Tom Mori
  • Rinsho byori. The Japanese journal of clinical…
  • 1997
Recent advances in the molecular biology research have devoted greatly to the clinical applications of genetic informations. Gene diagnosis and therapy is a new medical field to deal with these applications. Nowadays diseases related with gene abnormalities have been shown to reach 8,450, and gene testings to cover all these should be very wide and(More)
Assay of 51Cr release from target cells has been commonly used in various methods of examining the cytotoxic properties of lymphocytes. In this paper a non-isotopic assay of cytotoxicity based on the leak of endogenous alkaline phosphatase (AIP) in target cells, is described. Enzyme activities were assayed by the luminescence on hydrolysis of the(More)
Natural killer (NK) cytotoxicity was assayed with P3-X63-Ag8-U1 (P3U-1) target cells which had been previously demonstrated to release endogenous alkaline phosphatase (AlP) on the attack of lymphocyte-activated killer cells). P3U-1 cells showed a definite sensitivity to the AlP-release test, but no response in the Cr-release test at all. The AlP-release was(More)
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