Tom Mitchell

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These studies tested whether antigenic competition between T cells occurs. We generated CD8(+) T cell responses in H-2(b) mice against the dominant ovalbumin epitope SIINFEKL (ova8) and subdominant epitope KRVVFDKL, using either vaccinia virus expressing ovalbumin (VV-ova) or peptide-pulsed dendritic cells. CD8(+) T cell responses were visualized by major(More)
Antigen injection into animals causes antigen-specific T cells to become activated and, rapidly thereafter, die. This antigen-induced death is inhibited by inflammation. To find out how inflammation has this effect, various cytokines were tested for their ability to interfere with the rapid death of activated T cells. T cells were activated in vivo,(More)
In a preference aggregation setting, a group of agents must jointly make a decision, based on the individual agents’ privately known preferences. To do so, the agents need some protocol that will elicit this information from them, and make the decision. Examples include voting protocols, auctions, and exchanges. Mechanism design is the study of designing(More)
An often-cited advantage of connectionist networks is that they degrade gracefully under damage. Most demonstrations of the effects of damage and subsequent relearning in these networks have only looked at very general measures of performance. More recent studies suggest that damage in connectionist networks can reproduce the specific patterns of behavior(More)
Many practical applications, such as environmental monitoring or placing sensors for event detection, require to select among a set of informative but possibly expensive observations. When monitoring spatial phenomena with sensor networks or mobile robots, for example, we need to decide which locations to observe in order to most effectively decrease the(More)
This dissertation presents the complete integrated planning, executing and learning robotic agent Rogue. Physical domains are notoriously hard to model completely and correctly. Robotics researchers have developed learning algorithms to successfully tune operational parameters. Instead of improving low-level actuator control, our work focusses instead at(More)
Mathematics is a topic in American education in which students lag behind their international peers, yet it is a key building block for high-performing careers in science, computers, and engineering. Intelligent tutoring systems have been helping to narrow this gap by providing students with opportunities to practice problem-solving and receive detailed(More)
We investigated the mechanism by which alpha/beta T cells expand upon transfer to T cell-deficient host mice by injecting carboxyfluorescein diacetate succinimidyl ester-labeled T cells into mice depleted of T cells by sublethal irradiation. We found that CD4+ T cells divided when transferred to irradiated hosts and that the division of more than half of(More)