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PURPOSE This study attempted to determine if a support group intervention makes a difference in grief reactions of parents who have experienced a perinatal loss, and describes what parents perceived as being helpful and not helpful in handling the loss. DESIGN A cross-sectional, retrospective, two-group research design was used. The independent variable(More)
The acute effects of crude oil on glucose uptake rates by marine microorganisms were studied in 215 water and 162 sediment samples collected from both arctic and subarctic marine waters. The mean percentage reduction of glucose uptake rates ranged from 37 to 58 in the water samples exposed to crude oil and from 14 to 36 in the sediment samples. Substrate(More)
  • T M McNamara
  • 2000
To be successful, IDSs require streamlined, information integration across the continuum of care. Having this capability enables IDSs to manage care and costs efficiently, provide physicians with enterprisewide access to eligibility information, and respond to the communication and quality demands of patients. For most IDSs, the quickest and most(More)
A total of 91 water, 8 ice, and 50 sediment samples taken from the southwestern Beaufort Sea were analyzed for relative microbial activity, bacterial cell concentrations, and percentage of respiration (mineralization). These samples were taken during three field-study periods (August to September 1975; April 1976; and August 1976). Both the relative(More)
In this paper we study the operating behaviour and performance of reliable, unpaced and unbalanced serial production lines with either imbalanced service time means, unequal coefficients of variation, or uneven buffer capacities. The lines were simulated with various values of line length, buffer storage size, degree of imbalance, coefficient of variation,(More)